This yummy goodness is such a simple, tasty, healthy, inexpensive meal, you’ll want more than a second helping.

Vegetables:  Fresh Broccoli, Carrots, French Cut Green Beans or whatever your favorites might be
Finely chopped Fresh Garlic, Olive Oil, Garlic Salt, and Fresh Basil
Thin Spaghetti Pasta
Sauce:  Butter, Milk, and a little it of cheese to create a creamy base

While the pasta is cooking, heat about a quarter to a third of a cup of olive oil to sautee the garlic and basil.  Cook until the garlic starts to brown.  In a separate saucepan, heat milk, butter, and add cheese to the sauce, cook until creamy.  In the pot you used to cook the pasta, add the vegetables and steam them with about a 1/4 to a 1/2 cup water.  After the vegetables are steamed, add the cooked pasta, then mix in the the Olive Oil, Garlic, Basil mixture, stirring it in with the pasta.  When the sauce is the right consistency, add it to the pasta mix.

Enjoy with Garlic Bread and or a Glass of Wine.

You can add wine to the sauce to add to the flavor, but it tastes like a lovely blend of perfect vegetables with a clean/light pasta sauce.

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